Monday, April 2, 2012

Shower #3!

Happy April everybody!

I've been MIA over the past week and a half. Whoops! 

Last Wednesday when I would usually do my weekly(34) update, I was busy packing and travelling. We spent a long weekend down in Texas with my family. It was so wonderful! The car ride, not so much. 

While we were there, my mom and sister hosted our third and final shower. My hometown family, friends, and church members did NOT hold back! I couldn't believe how many presents there were!

We are so set now on baby stuff! There are only two more things that we need to purchase. 

The main things I need to get done are organizing all of his new things, picking out a going home outfit, washing his clothes and sheets, and one or two more crafty decorating type things.

I didn't manage to take ANY pictures of the shower, even though my camera was right next to me. I am sure my mom will gladly share some of hers, because there was much fun had at this shower! So for now, I will just share my loot!

(for anyone worried, I didn't stand in a chair. I'm just that tall!)

Pictured below (L-R)
Row 1:
blue basket (that was full of goodies!)
teensy blue windpants
two onesies
froggy outfit
I <3 Mom onesie
3 piece set
Mommy's MVP shirt and shorts set
Turtle "Best Friends" shirt and shorts set
"Row" 2:
onesies 4 pack
pack of tanks
"Ribbet" set, onesie, hat, booties, and burp cloth
lots of socks!
baseball PJs
2 pairs of shoes
Mom&Me Recordable Book
Brush and Comb set
nasal aspirator
nail clippers
wash cloths
onesies packs
"Teething Bling" for mom

Pictured Below (L-R)
Row 1:
Monkey overalls
Monster onesies 3 pack
Rocker 3 piece set
"Handsome runs in the family" 3 piece set
"Daddy's Rookie" onesie
"Row" 2:
Lots of Johnson's!
Turtle rattle
toy links
little froggy family
cradle set
blankets, blankets, blankets
*not pictured: stuffed tiger, stuffed bunny, two homemade hooded towels
I knew I was leaving stuff out! I hope that is all I forgot.

This was one of the more special gifts. :-) 
It is a cradle set for the cradle that will be in our bedroom. A cradle that has held many babies in my family. My sister was the first, followed by me, three nephews, and a niece. Now my little baby boy will sleep next to my bed in the very same cradle. My sister made this cradle set for me using material that I picked out and our mom's pattern. I love sentimental gifts! 

On top of all of this wonderfulness, we also got three (3!) boxes of clothes and accessories from my sister and b-i-l! They have totally got the boy thing down pat, and had plenty of things in awesome condition to pass on to us! It was so much fun to "shop" through her stored baby things. Logan is going to have plenty to wear for the first year+ of his life.

I feel so loved and blessed right now. Thank you to everyone who has given us gifts, prayed for us, or given your time and energy in the past few months. We appreciate you all and couldn't have made it alone!

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