Wednesday, March 21, 2012

33 Weeks!

The weeks fly by so fast that I feel like I don't have much to say on these posts!

Last night I had an emotional hormonal moment. I had been in a weird mood over the evening, and as I was standing in the bathroom about to take a shower before bed I just started crying. I leaned against the door facing and cried for a little bit. Then Matt came into the room, and he held me while I just let it all out. He asked me what was wrong, and I tried my hardest to come up with an answer, but there simply wasn't one. There wasn't anything wrong, really. My hormones have just been getting crazier as we near the end of this pregnancy journey. 

After I got my tears out, I stood in the shower feeling sorry for myself for no particular reason. Who knows what my issue was, but I am sure I needed a good cry. This morning my mood was back to normal, and I went about my day as usual. So, no one start worrying about me, I am still doing great!

As far as symptoms go, everything is still the same from last week's post. Nothing new or unusual. I did forget to come back and update how much I had gained from my last dr. appointment. Three pounds! I was so excited/proud of myself. However, I feel like I have gain three more since! 
My dr. told me then to keep the rest of my gain to under 10 pounds. I have kind of been stressing about that since the appointment. As of last Thursday I had gained 25 pounds total. And while I reeeallly don't want to gain 35 pounds (!!!!) and weigh XXX pounds (!!!!) I also don't want to be stressing about gaining weight if that is what my baby needs. So, I am going to continue to eat healthy and stay active and whatever I gain, I will gain. There is no need to stress about it or try to "diet" while I am growing a baby! He may be 10 pounds when he gets here, and have needed me to gain that weight! 
I mean, I suppose the dr. knows what he is talking about... but whenever he talks about gaining too much weight he says things like "that will be the part that will be hard to get off." So, really it is about me not being a fatty afterward... I have really digressed here.... I hope you know what I am trying to say. Let me know your opinions in the comments. 

Sorry for this whacky week update! It is more of an emotional update than a physical one. But rest assured, little Logan and I are still doing great! :-)


Lisa said...

Pregnancy is an emotional time. Weighty, too! ;)

Amy said...

What an update! Yo-yo emotions, anyone? That's what pregnancy does to a person, I suppose. I hope you aren't worried about your weight. Surely you've seen those charts showing what all it can be attributed to. I think you are right... he (Logan) may need it! Plus you will have the summer and fall of nice days to nurse it / swim it / walk it off, if need be. :)
Glad you got to cry it all out and felt better the next day.
Can't wait to see you!

Amy said...

Oh! And I forgot to say:
You look GREAT in that shirt! Teeny bit jealous of that cute, round, all out front baby belly. Is that crazy of me or what??