Wednesday, April 18, 2012

37 Weeks!

37 weeks. 
Say it with me... Thirty seven.
Thir-ty sev-en.
That is full term you guys!

He could come at any time, and be considered FULL TERM.
Although, lets not switch from watching the calendar to watching the clock just yet. I am sure we still have weeks to go.

However, I can feel my body getting ready. Every time I stand up something in my pelvis region makes a pop or a crack. I have also been having menstrual like cramps every day for about a week now.

Tums are my new best friend these days. At least I know I'm not calcium deficient! 
It seems as though I don't even have to eat anything to have acid reflux, but it's not too terrible.

As far as energy goes, I am right back to the first trimester. I am TIRED! Naps are a must! Thank goodness I have the time. 

Also, HELLO pregnancy brain! Tonight I tossed a very special-to-me cook book that my mom MADE for me right into the kitchen trash while I was cleaning up. What in the heck!? Thank goodness I noticed!!!

I think I need a baby sitter for the next three weeks. Haha.

Doctor appointment tomorrow.
Also, be sure to check back here tomorrow for a post that I spent more than ten minutes on!


Lisa said...

Hang on! I'm getting there as fast as I can!!

Betsy said...

I told Lisa to 'take your toothbrush' when they go to visit you this weekend, but then I always was optomistic that my babies would come a little early, but they never did. haha From the picture it looks like time is very soon. Wouldnt that be a good thing if it happened while they were there? and they didnt have to rush back in a few days.

Amy said...

How did I miss this post!? You look.... full term! Wow! And that was a few days ago!