Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Ramblings of a Pregnant Woman

So... NO ONE was going to tell me that I didn't pack a going home outfit for myself in my hospital bag???
*tap*tap*tap* Is anyone out there?? It's a good thing I realized. I would have been making a real fashion statement coming home in a nightgown!

I shared every nook and cranny of Logan's nursery yesterday, but I didn't show where he will be sleeping at first! This is the cradle that I mentioned in an earlier post! The bedding my sister made looks so adorable!

We had a doctor appointment yesterday. I had been very curious, and a little bit nervous!, about what my doctor would have to say about my new belly design. This is what happened:
him: "....what's this?"
me: "We went to an Earth Day festival and the Birth Works tent had henna belly painting."
him: " it going to come off?"
me: "Oh yes! It is temporary."
him: slight pause... then back to regular appointment talk.
Haha, I wonder what he was really thinking! My old dr. in Texas would not have hesitated to tell me exactly what he was thinking. Hey Mom and Amy, What do you think Dr. C would have said about my belly tat??? 
Speaking of regular appointment talk, he told me that I have the perfect pelvis for giving birth! For the second week in a row, he referred to my pregnancy as "textbook!" Let's hope it stays that way!

Last night Matt and I were walking Molly, and as I stepped down on the sidewalk with my left foot I felt a splash of liquid on my right ankle. Matt, who was right behind me, felt a little splash too. We stopped to inspect. What was that little squirt we felt!?
My phone is pretty much the handiest thing in the world, it has a flashlight on it, among many other wonderful traits. After we shed a little light on the subject we discovered that I had cruelly ended the life of an innocent slug, and its innards were what made the splash. Gag!
I felt bad and really, really grossed out.
We came back inside and washed our feet in the bathtub immediately!

A freebie
Matt and Dale while we were in Texas a few weeks ago. Melt my heart.

I guess our exciting slug outing got me all jacked up. We went to bed and I couldn't stop giggling and talking to Matt. I felt like a little girl at a slumber party. He had a turn around (meaning that he closed the store last night and opened it this morning, leaving only a short amount of time for sleep). I finally got control of myself and kept my mouth shut, but as I was laying there trying my hardest to go to sleep, I was just down-right giddy! 
Hormones are fun.


Amy said...

Lol!! WHOOPS! And I read that bag-packing post twice! I know why I didn't notice: I was all baffled why it didn't seem like that much stuff, but was taking a suitcase that big.

Love your dr's reaction to the tattoo. Even working with all those women they are still men and have to wonder what in the world we are thinking sometimes. And Dr. C? Oh yes... he'd definitely have something to say.

Slug: GROSS.
Smooshed by a pregnant woman. Poor thing.

Finally - why is it annoying (sometimes) if our bedmate is chatty at bedtime, but hilarious when we can't hush? Ha!

Lisa said...

Let me say first off, I just love a rambling post! They are so fun. So much information.
I think we should arrange for a henna for Amy about Sept. just to see what Dr C. would say!
Poor slug.