Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's in my hospital bag!?

Considering the fact that I am knocking on the door of 38 weeks, I finally got around to packing my hospital bag today. Another huge milestone, if you ask me!

I decided to take a cue from YouTube and the rest of the bloggy world and share what I packed with you all.

Mom's Bag:
Jolly Ranchers for labor
2 pairs of undies (I've heard great things about the hospital mesh undies and I plan on taking full advantage of those)
3 pairs of varying types of socks
baby book (gotta get those fresh hand and foot prints!)
2 nightgowns
a robe
my belly band (to hold it all in afterward)
our video camera
microwavable rice bag (not sure if I will be able to use this or not)
a few maxi pads (once again, I plan on taking full advantage of what the hospital has to offer)
2 sample packages of disposable breast pads (I have reusable cloth ones for home)
and our toiletry bags

speaking of:
 For Matt:
hand sanitizer (for everyone really)
For me:
toothpaste (to share)
lanolin cream
shampoo and conditioner
Burt's Bees lip balm
extra hair accessories

*not pictured: sleep nursing bra, and t-shirt, socks, and undies for Matt
Last minute things to add will be my makeup bag and our regular camera.

Logan's Bag:
brush and comb (wishful thinking? we know he's gonna be a baldy)
nail trimmers
receiving blanket
fleece blanket
two outfits
two pairs of baby mittens

Plus I will be taking my Boppy pillow, and possibly my birthing ball depending on if it is useful up until that point in my labor.

We will only bring the black suitcase up to the labor and delivery room. The rest will come up once we have moved to a recovery room.
So that's it. What am I forgetting? Did I underpack? Overpack?
I tried to keep it light. Let me know what you think!

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