Wednesday, August 8, 2012

44 in 404

I recently came across a blog post about something called "101 in 1001." Basically, you have 1001 days to accomplish 101 goals. I really liked the idea, and immediately started a list of my own.

However, I began to realize that 101 is a big number! And 1001 days is a long time! (roughly 2.75 years.)

Since I make the rules here, I decided to change my version to 44 in 404. My 404 days begin today and will end on my birthday next year! Sept 16, 2013.

Without further ado, my 44:

1. Cloth diaper Logan all the way through potty training. (I realize that he will probably not be using the potty at 16 months, so this will be an ongoing goal.)

2. Master the art of layered cakes.

3. Make good homemade frosting. (preferably an ideal type for layered cakes!)

4. Breastfeed for (at least) a year.

5. Pray for Matt and Logan every day.

6. Read the entire Bible. (John, Joshua, )

7. Get involved in a Sunday school class.

8. Stay off of Facebook for a whole week. 5 times. - (2x)

9. Do not color my hair.

10. Finish the afghan I started in Aug of 2011.

11. Give all handmade Christmas gifts. 

12. Send out Christmas cards.

13. Go to bed with the kitchen completely clean every night for a month.

14. Buy only second hand clothing.

15. Make a wet bag for the diaper bag.

16. Post on the blog 100 times.

17. Learn more about nutrition and healthy eating.

18. Make freezer meals, 5 times. (2x)

19. Move out of our apartment. - signed a new lease. :(

20. After we move, unpack everything within the first month. - not moving ^^^

21. Take Logan's monthly pictures every month until he is one.

22. Clean out my dresser.

23. Go through the closet and get rid of clothes I will never wear again.

24. Organize my craft box.

25. Sew more & blog about it.

26. Slow down and enjoy every day with my son, & don't let stress get the best of me.

27. Do lots of sensory activities with Logan & blog about them.

28. Learn more about gardening.

29. Plant something, even if it is just in a pot.

30. Write down Logan's birth story.

32. Keep up with Logan's baby book.

33. Embroider something.

34. Use my gym membership.

35. Make at least two wreaths for our front door.

36. Use more homemade cleaning products.

37. Use mostly homemade baby food. 

38. Learn more about quinoa & make something with it.

39. Finish this list.

40. Call family members more.

41. Decrease the negativity that I let come out of my mouth.

42. Go to a farmer's market.

43. Read more fiction. (Tending Roses by Lisa Wingate)

44. Make a homemade version of something. (apple butter, granola, fruit roll ups, etc.)

So there you have it.

I already have something marked off the list. What a great start!

Doesn't marking something off of a list just make you feel accomplished?

The plan is to keep this list updated as I go through the next year and change. 

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Amy said...

I love your list! Might be feeling a little inspired... ;)