Wednesday, April 4, 2012

35 Weeks!

Today's magic number is 35! 
35 weeks have gone by and 35 days are left!

I decided to be candid today and take my belly picture in my dog shaving clothes. 
I thought it was really funny at the time, as you can see. Haha. 

The pregnancy brain has kicked in 100%. Last night I bought a baby shower gift for a friend. I meant to send a picture of said gift to a mutual friend, but instead I sent it to her! I couldn't believe I did that!

Today I planned on going to Walgreen's to take Matt his lunch, and buy two items. Prenatal vitamins... and something else.
I ended up buying prenatal vitamins and a clearanced package of jelly beans.
I don't think those were the other thing... but they were a great source of vitamin C!

Today I did Logan's first load of laundry! It was the most fun load of laundry I have ever done!
Now it is all folded and put away in his drawers. I can't wait to have a little body to put in all of these clothes!

WooHoo! Baby time is getting close!


Amy said...

This whole post made me smile.

Lisa said...

I love watching the counter numbers decrease as your belly increases! :)