Saturday, April 14, 2012

Get your clean on!

Lately I have been a twinge bit obsessed with vinegar.
Strange, I know. 
It all started after I read an article, 45 Uses for Vinegar.
Vinegar is useful stuff!

Today I used it to clean my microwave.
Just put a small bowl of vinegar in the microwave and heat it for a few minutes.
I used the ever classic 2:22.
Then easily wipe away the ick!
(not the greatest pictures, I know)

I must admit, I have used this same trick with a bowl of water before. That works well also. I can't 100% say that vinegar works any better actually. BUT vinegar does kill germs, so for the sake of this post we will just go ahead and say that it looks nice and is germ free as well!

I have also been using vinegar as a replacement for Jet Dry(expensive!), as a softening agent in my washing machine, and to clean in the bathroom!

Using cheap household ingredients is pretty awesome, I must say. I am loving seeing what expensive chemicals I can replace, and different ways I can save money!
(and if you think vinegar is awesome, you should check out what baking soda can do!)

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Betsy said...

True these are good natural cleaners. Also look up what peroxide is good for.