Saturday, February 16, 2013

9 Months Old!

Logan has had personality from day one, when he was giving us the eyebrow and asking, "are you the ones who dared to remove me from my cozy womb?" 
But these days? Oh my, how the personality doth bloometh. 

Accurate depiction of 9 months:
This boy wants to be standing at all times. However, since that isn't possible(yet!) it is handy that he is now a crawling PRO. He can get where he wants to be and pull up on almost anything. Except for the spinning red recliner. That one still gives him the run around. 

Last month I wrote that I wouldn't be doing these monthly photo shoots without my assistant.
Wish I would have read that before I took this month's without him! Luckily I caught little Lo-Lo every time he dove head first off the chair. Sitting still is not an option when you have just learned how to make your body work for you!

At his 9 months well-baby visit Logan weighed in at 17.2 lbs and was 29.3 inches long. That puts him in the 10th percentile for weight and 84th percentile for height. From birth to six months his weight percentile dropped at every appointment. At his six month well-baby visit he was down to the 5th percentile. We were glad to see it has raised to 10%. PDA can make it difficult for babies to gain weight.
Speaking of PDA, he will be undergoing a catheter procedure to close the hole in his heart next month on March 22. Please keep us in your prayers!

Logan has always loved books, and now he can turn the pages and lift the flaps on his own! It is so much fun to see his understanding of language grow. He knows what the phrase "turn the page" means and where to find a book when I ask if he wants to read one.
Not only does he understand things we are saying, he is starting to try to say a little of his own! He has been babbling for several months, but now he is starting to say "Mama" and "Da-da." Last night while we were reading I am pretty sure he said "dog" too! He also has a strange little sound he makes when he sees Molly. 

He is turning into a little ham. I love it! Whenever we laugh he laughs right along with us whether he gets the joke or not. And if I say "cheeeese," he makes this face:
This adorable wrinkled nose smile is his new favorite face to make. It started last weekend, and I don't see an end in sight. 

When it comes to meal time, this boy can put away the food! He loves to feed himself and is very good at it. So far there isn't anything that he doesn't like. Cuties are a definite favorite. Although they are a teensy bit labor intensive for me, but I don't mind. ;)

This past month sleep has not been the best. At nine months old Logan has 0 teeth. They are on the way though, and I blame them for the poor sleep. I study his gums daily and am convinced that he is working on four at once. 
I can't believe Logan's first year is already 3/4 of the way over. It has flown by so fast. I imagine the next three months are going to be a blur, and I am trying my best to savor every day. 
As with every prior month, this is the best one yet.

*YES! I finally have a new charger for my camera! However, I have never claimed to be a photographer and never will. :)