Wednesday, May 2, 2012

39 Weeks!

I'm sliding in here with a late-in-the-day 39 week post!

We went to the doctor yesterday and have another appointment scheduled for next Tuesday, May 8. 
I wonder if we will go to that one...?

In my last several posts about pregnancy I kept saying "any day now," but I didn't really mean it. I think I just meant that if he had come at that point it would have been 100% ok.

I still really don't feel like "any day." I personally feel like nothing will happen until Monday at the earliest. That's not to say I'm not paying attention to every little cramp and ache. ;)

The fact that I will very soon have a tiny little baby that we made and that we will be completely in charge of still does not seem real. I don't think it will until his squirmy, wet body is placed in my arms.
I keep trying to picture that moment, but I can't quite bring it into focus. 

Anyone that knows me personally is probably aware that more than anything (right after having a healthy baby) I want to have a natural delivery. It is pretty obvious that my doctor is very pro-induction. Which, why wouldn't he be!? There is no guessing, no middle of the night, he can fit it right into his schedule.

However, I reeeeally want to go into labor naturally too.

I want God and Logan to decide, "Ok, it's birthday!" 
(and I want to avoid those pitocin contractions! C'mon, let's give a first-timer a chance here!)

At our appointment yesterday I asked ol Doc Fuller how long he would let a woman go past her due date before she would have to be induced. He twisted his face around and said only a few days! Then launched into a speech about placentas and due dates.
He wanted to set a tentative induction date, for just in case. Which I was fine with. 
Until he picked the 10th.
Um, excuse me?
Can I have a little bit of time here???
At first I didn't say anything, I just sat there under my thin white sheet thinking, I better get something going soon, eh?
But as we were standing waiting to make our next appointment, he walked up and I made myself so proud!
I actually asked if we could push it back a few days!
And since the 10th was on a Thursday, and Mondays are his surgery days, it got pushed all the way to the 15th! So, surely he will decide to come before then.

I don't think of myself as much of a boat-rocker, so standing up to my doctor about what I wanted felt really amazing. It also helped that I was a) actually standing up and b) fully clothed.

So no matter what, in two weeks our little man will be here. 

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