Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nursery Update: Busy Weekend

My parents came to see us this weekend, and we managed to pack SO much into a weekend visit! The first night I felt a little bad, because we left them about an hour after they got here to go to a going away party for a former co-worker of mine. 
Well, when we walked in the door they all yelled "Surprise!" while holding up cute plates that read "Baby." Those sweethearts threw me a surprise baby shower, complete with food, games, and gifts! AND my parents were able to come also! It worked out so perfectly!
I was so touched that they thought of me, and spent the time and effort to plan out this surprise. 
We did so much over just a few days that I couldn't possibly share it all, so here are a few tidbits.
We made cloth wipes from used receiving blankets!
Cut 7x7 inch squares. Sew two together back to back.
Pink the edges.
Voila! Cloth wipes!
While we were making the wipes, I prepped more prefolds.

My mom made Logan's curtains. They are too too cute!

We hung lots of things, curtains, pictures, his quilt.

I am saving "real" pictures of his nursery for a big final reveal later on. 

I thrifted this wall hanging many months ago. I was just about ready to get rid of it, because I didn't know what to do with it. My mom picked the perfect spot right away, and now it is hanging where I can enjoy it!

While my mom and I were working on organizing Logan's room, Matt and my dad hung these awesome towels hooks! Matt is going to share his with Logan when he gets here. :)

Thanks to my mom, those pesky boxes I kept putting off cleaning out and sorting through in the nursery are now out of there. The curtains are hung, there is a shelf for toys behind the door, pictures are hung, and the room is pretty much done minus a few small touches! 

We also did lots of shopping (mostly for fabric, TOO many choices!), cooking, eating, and even some cleaning! They definitely left our apartment in better shape than how they found it! 

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Amy said...

Jam-packed post and a jam-packed weekend! I can't wait for the nursery reveal. And I love your towel hooks!