Wednesday, February 29, 2012

30 Weeks!

I can't believe I am actually in the 30s! What a milestone. 10 weeks to go! (or you know, 7 or 11 or 12...)

Yesterday I talked to my boss about shortening my hours at work. I made it clear that I am by no means ready to quit working, but by the last hour or two of my shifts my feet and back are letting me know they are not happy! My heels are in such sad shape. I see a pedicure somewhere in my future. Probably the best pedicure EVER! I finally managed to remove the sad, chipped red polish from my toes a few weeks ago, but they have been bare ever since. Luckily it is winter (almost spring! yee!) and no one really sees my toes. 

I decided to switch it up and face the opposite direction for my belly pic this week. I really don't feel like my belly has changed in size any from last week. 

I have found that I have not been very outspoken about a lot of my opinions during this pregnancy. Mostly, because I do not want to/feel the need to defend my decisions. Or I don't feel like listening to their (insert inappropriate adjective here) comments. 

Despite that, I am very dedicated to my decisions. Fortunately I have a strong support system (husband, mom, sister, etc) that stands behind me. 

I am very committed to breastfeeding.
I am very committed to cloth diapering.
and I am very dedicated to attempting a natural birth. 

None of these are anything radical, but people do have their comments, and they do not feel compelled to hold them in! I will not be swayed by any naysayers. I do not wish to hear your opinions about why my decisions are bad/wrong/too hard/not going to last/or any other negative thing. Those are your opinions, and they have nothing to do with mine. 
I didn't mean for this to turn into a rant about what others may say. I simply wanted to convey how committed I am to my decisions. I know none of the three I listed will be easy, but I do have reasons for choosing them. I feel confident in my ability to carry out each one of them. 

Now, as far as a natural birth is concerned. I know that at times there are circumstances that make a natural birth impossible. If any of those things should occur during my labor we will most certainly make the decision that is best for our baby. My support team is of the utmost importance when it comes to my birth plan. I have had many conversations with each of them. I have also been doing tons and tons of research. Call me crazy if you will, but I am actually looking forward to the labor and birth process. (yes, i know it hurts) (here i go defending myself again!)

Ok, I have rambled/ranted long enough! I am going to leave you with a short clip of some belly movement! The first 10 seconds are the best. Enjoy!


Amy said...

Haha! Love the belly movement! So much fun.... great idea to get it on video!

Cindy said...

The baby is doing some twirls!

leaves of my tree said...

what a beautiful pregnant woman you are! congratulations... you are so close... i'm glad you found my letter to expectant mamas and i hope it was helpful to you. you will do beautifully!