Wednesday, February 22, 2012

29 Weeks!

Today I am 29 weeks into my pregnancy! Crazy, huh? 
Lately I have been in kind of a funk. You might have been able to tell in my 28 week post. I just didn't feel very chipper or chatty. I could feel my extreme hormonal mood swings as they surged through me. It was not a fun feeling. Today I am feeling much more positive and perky! The weather may have a lot to do with it. It is a beautiful 72 degrees outside right now! So wonderful! I hope the good weather and the good mood are here to stay.
This morning I was reading, on one of my many pregnancy apps, about the 29th week. One of them was listing the many symptoms that may accompany this week, itchy skin, visible veins, leg cramps... and the list goes on. As I was reading I started to notice just how good I am feeling! Yes, my back hurts like the dickens, but I am have back problems for 10+ years. It is to be expected. I can deal. Other than back pain, and possibly being a little more tired than usual I am feeling great! My body was made for this. There is nothing more natural than a woman carrying a child. 

 On a non-pregnancy related note... As my hair gets longer I am trying to use less and less heat to style it. This morning I did a brave thing, I clipped it back and went to work with it still wet. I have to say, I am very pleased with how it dried! Barely and frizz at all! My hair is looking fabulous if I do say so myself... so, maybe it is pregnancy related after all!
I decided to throw in a front view today too. I still have a waist line! That ol' Dr. can shove it! ;) Maybe I will eat a little less candy though... :)


Lisa said...

Awesome hair!! Love the front view. You just look fantastic from any angle!

Amy said...

You look great!

Cindy said...

You have fantastic hair. BTW, I love your style.

Ashley said...

Yeah that Dr. can shove it! You look awesome and you are all belly! :)