Monday, February 6, 2012

I like blogging. Really, I do! So why do I make it so hard!?

Sometimes I feel like my days are too boring to provide any good blogging material. In that case, should I try to live a more interesting life or work with what I've got?

Here is a run-down of my day today.

7:45 Alarm
8:00 Breakfast, Special K in bed.
8:40 Leave for work
9-4 Work
4 Home, Snack of animal crackers, peanut butter, and milk.
5-7 Unplanned nap
7 We made hot dogs on the George Foreman.
Matt watched tv and I pinned things on Pinterest while chatting with my sister about childbirth on messenger.
Then I took a shower, turned bath, and shaved my legs.

The most exciting parts of today were the labor and delivery chat and actually shaving my legs. 

Was that interesting? Was it worth reading? Was it worth me writing???

Also, the next time I am pregnant, I really hope we live in a place with a comfy bathtub. I really feel like baths could benefit my back, but not when the back of the tub is at a 90 degree angle!

So, that is pretty much any work day for me. Of course, in a few months my days will be COMPLETELY different! I am sure I will have many more things to write about then! I can't wait! Until then, I shall persevere!


Lisa said...

You have hit on my blogging issues! I'm just boring with nothing to write about. So what do we do about it? (Not that I think you are boring)

Cindy said...

Hey, hold up a minute! Just because you think it is 'boring' doesn't mean we will! Babies, you can bore me all you like 'cuz I like reading about both of your lives. Do I like I do. I force people to read about my boring life! (Not that either of you are boring 'cuz you are not!) You are just accustomed to your days.

Amy said...

You'll have more to write about and less time to do it. :)

I loved that the best part of the day was shaving your legs - HA!

And most definitely NOT boring!

And finally, could you roll up a towel or two to create some support and an angled back to your tub?