Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cleaning and Organizing

There is nothing quite like a baby on the way to get you motivated to organize your home! Matt and I tackled the bedroom together a few days ago. It was something we had been putting off for a while. There were still some boxes sitting around from when we moved in (in June *ahem*). You know, "those" boxes. Once we actually started working, we had it looking like a different room in a just a little over an hour. We ended up throwing out a ton of stuff that we don't need, and filling two boxes with clothes to donate!

I took on this smaller project by myself one day after work. Since we moved in all of the random bathroom things had been in this box under the sink. Now imagine us digging through this box for seven months in search of certain items. It was a mess, not to mention the box was falling apart and starting to not even fit anymore!
I bought these baskets from Hobby Lobby and organized our stuff into three categories. I also managed to get rid of quite a bit. (Remember my mantra? Get rid, get rid, get rid!)
Now if we need something it is easy to find and it looks much better too!

Upcoming cleaning/organizing projects include, but are not limited to, our closet, front storage closet, nursery closet, and my craft box.


Cindy said...

Want to come help me organize?

Amy said...

Nice! I'm kind of in a declutter mode myself!