Wednesday, February 8, 2012

27 Weeks

The weeks certainly are flying by! I forgot to take belly pics earlier, so I decided to go ahead and snap some in my jammies!
Any bigger than last week? I can't decide! I guess I probably am. 

The back pain is still the biggest thing these days. I have had back issues since middle school, so it makes sense that 15-20 pounds heaver with loose ligaments that I would be hurting. Even the recliner isn't working for me anymore. BUT the best news of the week is that I have an appointment at the chiropractor on Friday! I am very excited. This dr. specializes in prenatal chiropractics. I have read a lot about the many benefits of seeing a chiropractor during your pregnancy. I think this will be a great thing!

We also signed up for a childbirth class at our hospital! It is an all day thing on St. Patrick's Day. (Thank goodness I have a green maternity shirt. ;) ) I am so excited about this class. I cannot wait to see what all we learn. Matt is wondering what they will find to talk about in eight hours. Haha, I think there is a lot more involved in labor and delivery than he realizes. It is almost time for him to read the labor chapter in What to Expect. My coach needs to be informed, right!?
Hehe, belly!

Tomorrow is the first day of my THIRD trimester! And three months until my due date!
Not much else new has happened this week. I am STILL trying to finish painting the dresser for Logan's room. It needs one more coat and the seal. It keeps raining on my days off! Here's hoping for a sunny Friday, even though the forecast says rain. I am so ready to get it inside and fill the drawers with his baby clothes!

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