Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Nursery: First Update

Remember what the nursery looked like before?
Well, it looks a lot different now!
We started by breaking down the guest bed. We went the classy route and covered the mattress in plastic and duck tape for easy storage on our patio. Do you have any better ideas? Eh? We stacked the box springs on top of our box springs. Now our bed is nice and tall. I must say, it makes getting out of bed easier on a pregnant lady! All I have to do is slide into a standing position.
Once the room was cleared, operation crib assembly was underway. 
The instructions were only mildly confusing... that thing has a TON of pieces! 
I think putting the crib together is a right of passage for all parents. Or at least it should be! 
Remember what the dresser looked like before?
After a few coats out on the patio...
It now looks like this! 
Right now the crib is full of random baby items, but it feels so good to finally have it all in the room and semi set up. 
We also have our car seat and matching stroller now! When are you supposed to install the car seat? 
My boppy!
It is hard to tell in the pictures, but the dresser matches the light green in Logan's crib bedding spot on. My mom and I spent quite some time holding up paint samples with a crib bumper to make sure of it! 
Overall, I am very pleased with where we are in the nursery process. We still need to add decor, sew curtains, and organize his things. 


Lisa said...

It is coming together nicely!! Can't wait to see the finishing touches. I'm bringing some prints to hang on our next visit!!

Betsy said...

For sure install the carseat before picking up the baby at the hospital, cause I've heard they are picky about that. ('course you know that, haha)

Betsy said...

Oh yes, the nursery looks very nice. I Like the bed and accessories. Won't be long now.

Cindy said...

The crib is elegantly beautiful!