Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Logan's Lunches: Eleven Months

I've decided to start a new monthly series about what Logan eats for lunch! He generally has the same thing as us for night time meals, but lunches usually aren't very well planned out. Here are a weeks worth of  his lunches at eleven months old.

Starting at the top left and going left to right:
1. Scrambled egg with mushroom, spinach, and bell pepper. Blueberries. Cheese. Avocado.
2. Peas and carrots. Tuna salad. Strawberries and blueberries.
3. Cheese. Turkey Veggie burger. Orange bites. Avocado.
4. Avocado. Peanut butter sandwich. Cantaloupe. Orange bites.
5. Steamed broccoli with cheese. Strawberries. Avocado toast.
6. Chicken salad sandwich. Sauteed mushrooms. Strawberries. Black eyed peas. 


Amy said...

Love, LOVE this post! And I want to eat like Logan,lol!Yum!

Betsy said...

Logan's lunches are works of art, and I know they are delicious too. (I posted this first on the diapering blog, oops, this is correction.)Nana