Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Great Cloth Diaper Change

This past weekend was the annual Great Cloth Diaper Change. It is an event that takes place internationally to help raise awareness and inform people about cloth diapering. I won't go too deep into just how awesome using cloth is, but know that it is and feel free to ask any questions you may have! I attended last year, and was merely an observer as I was just weeks away from my due date. This year I was so excited to be able to participate and I brought my sister along with me!

I was oh so thankful that my mom and sister made the drive up to go with me. I had 1000 times more fun with them with me than I would have by myself. So to both of you thank you and thank you again for coming! They also brought two little ones along, Daniel and Brooklyn.

We had a little time to kill before the official change, and Logan decided to use that time to practice standing alone. I was very excited as you can tell by my mile high eyebrows. Hello!

During the actual change, only active participants are allowed in the designated changing area. When the whistle is blown everyone changes the diapers at the same time.

After the change all of the little cloth bottoms get raised in the air! It was so sweet to hear all of the mamas (and some daddys!) oooing to their babies, and all of the happy baby sounds as they were being held above our heads. 
There were prizes and drawings and a diaper swap afterward. I snagged a few new (to us) diapers and a new wet bag for the diaper bag!

It was so wonderful to be with so many like minded people. Obviously we all cloth diapered, but there were also so many mamas wearing their babies in all different kinds of carriers. When I go out and about I can pretty much assume that I will get a few second glances if I am wearing Logan. Saturday I was just one of the crowd. Also, when he tugged on my shirt and wanted some "num num," I didn't feel the least bit self conscious about giving him a little snack right then and there. 

Just like last year, our change was part of an Earth Day festival. So when we finished we still had plenty to do and see. 
The Heifer foundation had some of the animals from their local ranch there. 
We saw sheep,

chickens, ducks,
goats, and a very large rabbit.

Here's our crew, minus my mom:

Overall I would call the day a huge success. My mom even scored us some kombucha! We are going today to pick up our scobys. 
My little man couldn't even handle all of the excitement.
I can't wait til next year! I wonder if Logan will still be in diapers... hmm...


Library said...

Last year was fun, but this year was the best!! Having an actual bottom to diaper and all. ;) I wonder if we will go next year? Whooooo will we diaper??

Betsy said...

Logan's lunches are works of art, and I know they must be delicious too.