Friday, April 19, 2013

11 Months Old!

It is so crazy that my little boy's first birthday is less than a month away! He is growing up so, so fast!
Lately two people have asked me when he is going to be two. Slow down people! We are still working on one! It will be interesting when we go to his one year appointment to see what his percentiles are now. I imagine his height is still quite high, and that his weight has raised a bit. 
His catheter procedure to close the hole in his heart has officially, for real, been set for May 20. We have to check in at 11:30, and he can't have any food or nurse any after 5:30. That's going to be hard for my little one. He still loves to nurse and often tugs on my shirt asking for it. Luckily we will have family members with us and they can help distract him. 

I have probably said this every month, but Logan just continues to be more and more fun. The weather has been back and forth here lately, as far as temperature, but we have been trying to soak in every warm and pretty day. We have been to a baseball game, the zoo, and to the park many times.

This month Logan has become a pro at getting a spoon and fork into his mouth. He isn't to the loading stage, but if you hand him a pre-loaded fork or spoon he doesn't delay getting that food down!

We have been using several baby signs for a while, and now Logan signs "diaper change!" He only uses it after you say "diaper change," but he does if almost every time. We do lots of clapping around here. Any time someone says "yay," even if it is just in conversation and not directed toward Logan, he will clap his hands. He also claps his hands when someone sings "If you're happy and you know it." He also points and waves now! He is very observant and loves to copy. When Logan saw Matt snap his fingers he rubbed his thumb and middle finger together just like Daddy! Except his didn't make any noise. ;)

Logan has lots of fun out and about. At the park he absolutely loves the swings the best. Sliding is ok and all, but could you please just put me back in the swing, please. From his swing he can see cars driving by and he loves to watch them. One day we made a dash for the park before a thunderstorm was going to hit and lower the temperature for several days. It was almost deserted, but the maintenance guys were mowing. Logan really enjoyed watching them work. His love for machinery is starting up!
Logan now has four teeth! The bottom two are almost fully in, and on top, the right incisor and the right lateral incisor are both just barely through the gums. He isn't always the most graceful teether, but I think he is getting better, because the first of those two just appeared one day!

I think we may have a little climber on our hands. He loves to climb all over Matt and me. I often sit in the floor with him, and he uses me to try to climb onto the couch! For a few days we had a mattress in the floor for guests, and he LOVED climbing onto that thing. Not so good at the climbing off part.... read: face plant. He has started to let go sometimes while he is standing, and stand for several seconds on his own. I predict he will be walking by his birthday.

There is no doubt we have a very smart little boy on our hands (we are not biased at all, no way, not us). He has several words now. He says, uh-oh, blueberry, Mama, Da-da, banana, num num(our word for nursing), Mmmmmimi, cheese, and a few more. At Easter Mimi got him a little egg that a little chick popped out of. When I played with it with him I would say "BOO!" every time I made the chick pop up. He started saying it too. The same thing happened when I was blowing bubbles with him and saying "Pop!" 
Another little cute thing he does is jump. When someone holds his hands while he is standing you can say "Logan, jump!" and he will widen his stance and bounce up and down. My favorite part is how he has to spread those little feet out before he can get his jump on.

He also has many animal sounds. He does monkey, donkey, horse, cat, dog, roars for a lion, makes the elephant sound with accompanying arm/trunk raise, and wrinkles his nose and snorts for pig. He gets very excited reading animal books. That played a large role in our decision to go to the zoo!

Whenever Logan comes across any form of clothing, hat, socks, shoes, pants, tops, he loves to try to put them on, and he knows where on his body they belong. I'm not sure if he is trying or pretending, but either way it is adorable.


Library said...

Biased? Naw!! Smartest baby ever! I love that you are recording so many milestones on your blog.

Amy said...

Love. That. Boy! (great post!)