Thursday, April 25, 2013

Currently - linking up with Harvesting Kale

Logan is currently...

Eating as well as he always has. Logan has been a good eater from early on, and I am so glad. Check out my Logan's Lunches post to see more of what he is eating!
Drinking from straws and loving it.
Wishing for fun and educational birthday presents! ;)
Loving practicing standing on his own. He gets so excited when he stands for a few seconds without any help.
Dreaming .... I wish I knew.

I am currently...

Eating clean...ish. I am trying very hard to anyway. Working toward that lifestyle change that everyone is always talking about.
Drinking kombucha! At least we will be soon. Finally got a scoby this week and we are going to start brewing our own. So many health benefits, plus not to mention delicious!
Wishing that time would slow down just a teensy little bit.
Loving this amazing spring weather. I want to be outside all of the time. The greens and pinks everywhere are so, so beautiful.
Dreaming about Logan's first birthday party. I am having so much fun planning it. I hope it turns out to be close to what I am picturing in my head.


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Jessica Tan said...

I love Logan's lunches. I officially suck as a cook!