Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Slim-down

After I had Logan 30 pounds fell off of me in three weeks. It was awesome, and I felt so slim! (Until I made the mistake of trying on a pair of my regular jeans!)

Unfortunately, when I was pregnant I gained 40 pounds though. So that leaves me with ten extra. Also, I gained a bit last summer before I was pregnant also.

I am going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding of a dear friend of mine on October 6th. I am choosing to use that date for my weight-loss goal. 

15 lbs in 15 weeks!

That is do-able, right?

After pinning way too many workouts on Pinterest, I have finally settled on a plan that will work for me. I am feeling pretty good about it. I just have to stay motivated!

Sweets are my weakness. I always feel the need for dessert and candy and sno-cones and much more! 

This is the beginning of week one, wish me luck!

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