Friday, June 15, 2012

One Month Old

It is hard to believe it has only been a month and it seems like he has been here forever all at the same time.

Logan had a rough start to life, when he was admitted to Arkansas Children's Hospital at five days old. Everyone there was so wonderful to us. We went to the emergency room because he was refusing to eat and dehydrating very quickly, like babies that age will do.
Feeding my baby poor little baby, with an iv in his head because his hands were too dehydrated. 
They ran a wide battery of tests and discovered a heart condition called PDA. It is common in preemies, but rare in full term babies. And Logan was 5 days past his due date! I am so glad that I was not induced on May 10 like my doctor wanted me to be. He needed those extra days in the womb!
Holding Daddy's thumb with one hand and the tech's with the other during an echo.
He got a lot stronger in the hospital and has continued to do so once we were home.
As a result of his heart condition, we stopped nursing and switched to pumping and using bottles. Last Wednesday we visited a lactation consultant and started working on going back to nursing.

Our first successful feed was Sunday morning. I was very impressed with how quickly he was able switch back over. He would still get very frustrated in the middle of the night and I would end up pumping. Last night was our first night to not pump! Success! He still fights at the breast some, but I have to remember that we aren't even a week in yet!
At Wal-Mart - "You took me WHERE!??"

We have had a few firsts in the past month.
First tummy time

First bath
He wasn't too crazy about it, but I am hoping that after a few more he will become a fan.
We have seen lots of smiles, but are still waiting on that first deliberate one. Mostly sleepy ones like this one:

As far as sleeping goes, it could be better. We have good nights and bad nights. I can't even imagine how productive I could be on a solid eight hours of sleep! Or even six! 
However, I know this won't last forever and remind myself that daily, or maybe nightly. ;)
Just because I'm not sleeping doesn't mean he isn't!

Logan also met his two girl cousins this month! One from each side of the family.
We learned that he has some big ol' feet!
Below, Logan's foot (on the left), compared with his eight month old cousin, Brooklyn.

Below, Logan's foot at two weeks (on the left) compared to his cousin Aubrey's at seven weeks. 

We are having a lot of fun with our little man, and we are looking forward to all of the fun developmental stages along the way!


Amy said...

What a busy month for such a little guy! ("Little" being relative, of course) ;)
I love the sleeping cradle pic with the sunlight falling across him!

Betsy said...

Precious. Boys feet are supposed to be bigger than little girls, so there. I'm taking up for ya Logan. I feel so bad seeing that IV in his little head, but he is looking good now. Nana

Lisa said...

Great post! He has changed so much in just a month. I am glad you are going to do the month by month pictures. Not like you won't be taking a picture now and then, ;) but a fun way to document.

Linda Jacobs said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!