Monday, July 2, 2012

Bulk Freezer Cooking

I did it!
I found the recipes, made the shopping list, bought the groceries, and made the meals!
I must say, I am proud of myself!

It took me four hours (including nursing and diaper changes), and it was SO worth it!
Want a popsicle? ;-)
 I assembled one meal at a time, and cleaned as I went.  I used the same big bowl to mix each meal. When I was done I basically had a bowl, cutting board and knife to wash! (except I didn't have to wash anything, because my husband cleaned the kitchen for me. :-)  )

My meals are stored in gallon freezer bags, and are all crock pot meals.
Each bag is labelled with basic cooking instructions.

What's for supper?

Eight recipes total, but three of them made two meals worth!
12 meals ready to go!

Neither one of us had heard of Calabacita before. It was the first dish we had, and it was delicious! We will definitely be making it again! We even had some leftover pinto beans, and put them on the stove to keep cooking and made our own healthy refried beans (minus the lard!).

As I was prepping these meals I kept saying to Matt, "and the best part is...!"
A few of the "best parts":
only one clean up
none of our produce will go bad
plenty of time for the flavors to combine and marinate
no meal planning for a while
the ease of just dropping one thing in the crock pot

You can bet that we will do this again! I can't wait to find out which meals we like the best. They are all new to us!

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Lisa said...

That is amazing and inspirational! Good for you!