Monday, May 13, 2013

Logan's First Birthday Party!

This past Saturday we had Logan's first birthday party! It was a fantastic success. I had a ton of fun at the party and just as much fun planning it.
I picked the rainbow theme several months ago. Logan doesn't have many "favorites" yet, but what one year old doesn't love colors and balloons? Honestly I was so excited to have an excuse to decorate with crepe paper streamers and balloons myself. The whole party was so bright and cheery!

This cake was my masterpiece. I will be sharing my recipes and techniques soon!

For drinks we served chilled water bottles and the single packets of either raspberry lemonade or tea. This party was all about seeing how far I could make a nickel stretch. We used scrapbook paper and a sharpie to easily make these bottles more festive.

I chopped, sliced, and plated the fruit and veggie trays the night before. The morning before the party it was easy to quickly mix up the dips. I kept them super simple with two ingredients each. The veggie dip was sour cream and a ranch packet, and the fruit dip was cream cheese and greek yogurt.

These lollipop bouquets were the perfect final touch for the table.

I definitely have a thing for pennants and garlands. There are a few throughout our home. A rainbow pennant is even better!

When I came across personalized balloons in the party colors at Party City there was no way I could resist.

This wreath was a breeze to make. Crepe paper, scrap book paper, and wrapping paper. The "1" was stolen from an extra invitation.

The best part of the party was how much fun our little guest of honor had! He seriously had so much fun. He never once got upset or overwhelmed. Here is is clapping after the birthday song and candle.

Yum! About 20 minutes before party time I realized that I never made the banner for his high chair, but decided it was no big deal. As you can see, it didn't affect Logan the slightest bit.

Logan was so delighted with this cake. He wasted no time at all digging right in. A crowd wasn't going to keep him from eating!

The aftermath. In the spirit of full disclosure, he did not eat all of that cake by himself! It was a huge slice! Mama saved the day and ate a few layers. ;)

While we are getting all honest, wanting to make this cake may or may not be the entire reason for a rainbow theme... 

Logan's cousins were in attendance and the patio was dubbed "The Kid's Pavilion." We left the sliding glass door open and they were able to enjoy their cake and activities outside, but still be right there with us. 

There is currently an extra large TV camping out in our living room (anyone wanna buy it??) so instead of having that monstrosity in all of our pictures it was quickly turned into a fun backdrop for present time.

This sweet little chair was a big hit at the party. You never knew who was going to be sitting in it next.

All in all it really was the perfect party for our little man. Love him so, so much.


Amy said...

Yay! Everything was beautiful and delicious and so much fun! Seeing the pics makes me want to do the whole thing all over again. :) Happy Birthday, Logan!!

Lisa said...

Best party I've been to in a long time! Pretty, fun, delicious, and a delightful hostess! :)

Betsy said...

Fantastic. Everything was so cheerful and colorful. I wish we could have been there and now I almost feel like we were. Happy Birthday today Logan!

Wenni Donna said...

It surely was a colorful birthday party. I loved all the decorations, and the food arrangements. A lot of planning and effort must have gone into putting up such a nice party. My son’s first birthday is also coming up in a few days, and I’ve arranged a grand party to celebrate this special occasion at one of the popular event locations.