Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Months Old!

Double digits! Can you believe it!
Logan continues to bloom each and every day. His language skills have definitely been developing lately. He loves to mimic and will often do it on command. Aka: "Logan, say 'da-da.'" 
He makes the "b" sound for blueberries and knows what a kitty says. 
I am also pretty certain I heard him say "kitty" also, well, his version anyway. 
He has been a very oral baby all along, but now his babbling feels very conversational.
This month he also started clapping his hands and doing the "roll 'em up" motion from patty cake. There is a lot of "Yay!"-ing accompanied by clapping going on around here these days. 
Logan can also answer several questions like, "Where are you hands?" , feet, toes, a book, etc.

Speaking of books, they are a favorite right now. We keep a basket of toys and a basket of books in the living room, and lately he is more often looking at a book than playing with toys. 
He loves to turn the pages, and lift the flaps, too. When you sit down to read to Logan you better have a stack of books ready, because just a couple is never enough!
This month he also got his first tooth! (Finally!) The second one is working hard on popping through, and his gums are so puffy that they almost swallow the one he already has!

Lately sleep has been a bit rough. After so much traveling Logan became very accustomed to nursing to sleep, and would want me to nurse him to sleep multiple times during the night! We are currently working on disassociating nursing and sleeping, by nursing after naps instead of before and reading a few books after our bedtime nursing session. We are only a few days into this, and I am still nursing during the night, but it is already getting better.

Coming up this month we have Easter with family and cousins! 
If only Logan would start walking within the next two weeks so he could hunt eggs too. ;) 
I can't wait to see him play with his cousins again!

P.S. Yes, all he owns are white onesies. :P 

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Lisa said...

One word: Charmer! :) Love that boy!